The Kansas City Southern Railway Company (KCSR) and MGM Business Partners, Inc. formalized an outsourcing agreement in 2008. Arrowhead Rail, Inc. was created to handle the turnkey process of salvage distribution from the time and point of formal rejection to prompt payment after the sale and execution.

A Partner and Protector


Arrowhead implements a disciplined process to immediately identify the value and proper consumptive use for the products, negotiate the best sale, execute and monitor all facets of timely transfer and/or delivery, then provide payment to KCSR.

Structured Simplicity

Arrowhead quickly resolves time sensitive issues for the KCSR in a safe and professional manner. Our process engages all of the necessary checks and balances to ensure prudent execution. We apply proven efficiencies with results that are both predictable and desired. Once notified, the entire turnkey process takes place without requiring any time investment from KCSR.

Reduce workload, professional representation, etc. define why this is a successful business alliance for KCSR.